Nic1 : {noun}
1. Broker of Fine Objects
2. Interior Style Consultant
3. Art Adviser

about nic forrest


At the age of thirteen, Nic’s entrepreneurial spirit, combined with an interest in antiques, led him to open a stall in a local antique centre in his home town of Sydney, Australia selling a range of antiques and objets d’art. A good eye, and a knack for identifying undervalued objects, gave Nic the ability to resell items for a profit that he had purchased at garage sales, flea markets and other antique centres. This early introduction to the antique and art industry was an eye opening experience that really ignited his passion for antiques, fine art and objets d’art (and provided him with a significant addition to his pocket money).

After finishing school, Nic completed a BA (Art History and Criticism) degree following which he pursued a fine art related career path. During this time, Nic worked in various different positions in both the cultural and commercial sectors of the art world where he gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. Nic continued to deal in antiques and art in his spare time, all the while developing a greater understanding of what to buy and how to shop.

In 2007, at the age of 24, Nic started the now internationally renowned Art Market Blog ( in response to the misconceptions and lack of understanding of the art market that he experienced during his time as an art broker. The Art Market Blog is now one of the most widely read independent commentaries on the Art market and continues to increase in popularity.

An interest in art related fraud and the authentication of fine objects saw Nic complete graduate studies in the area of art authentication in 2008 through the University of Melbourne.

Having achieved success working as an art market analyst, art critic and art consultant, Nic made the decision in 2009 to return to his roots and focus on his passion for fine objects and interior styling. A desire to share his passion for fine objects led Nic to develop a business that used the knowledge, skills and contacts that he had developed to source fine objects and provide interior styling advice.

The extensive global network of contacts that he had developed, combined with his in-depth knowledge of the art and antique industry, has given Nic a rare knowledge and understanding of the marketplace for fine objects that he continues to expand and is excited to be able to put to good use.

Nic has been published in many publications including Verve Magazine, Contemporary Art Gallery Magazine various, Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure and Profit Magazine, Visual Art Beat Magazine, Art Etc. Magazine, and has appeared on several radio programs (national and international) as an art market expert. He has also received press from the New York Times, Times of London, Conde Nast Portfolio, the UK Telegraph, Santa Monica Sun, Nuwire investor, Seeking Alpha, the Argus Leader, and many other websites and publications.

Finally, Nic has been invited to be a guest lecturer at the Sotheby’s institute in Singapore for their MA Art Business program.