Nic1 : {noun}
1. Broker of Fine Objects
2. Interior Style Consultant
3. Art Adviser


Welcome to, my name is Nic Forrest, and I am a professional broker of fine objects, interior style consultant and art adviser. It is my mission to use my knowledge, experience and resources to provide the ultimate solution for clients who wish to be united with those special objects that transform interior spaces into special places.

I know how difficult the process of finding and acquiring specific interior objects can be, which is why I am extremely excited to be able to offer a range of web based services with a global reach that take the hassle out of what should be a joyous occasion.

The services I provide include:

  • Sourcing and purchasing specific fine objects (fine art, antiques, objects of design, objets d’art etc.) for residential and commercial clients
  • Arranging worldwide transportation and installation of objects purchased
  • Interior styling advice for clients who have a vision and a budget but do not have specific objects in mind
  • Advice on the acquisition of works of art/antiques/objets d’art for private and corporate collections as well as for investment purposes

Because of the experience, knowledge and contacts I have acquired, and my standing in the art and antiques industry, I have the privilege of being in a position that enables me to utilise a global network of dealers, collectors, retailers and wholesalers to quickly locate the particular object/s you have been searching for at the best price.

As someone who is passionate about fine objects and interior styling I am also pleased to be able to share my knowledge, experience and insight with those clients who would like advice relating to interior styling or the acquisition of objects for investment/as part of a collection.

For more specific information on the range of services I provide see the SERVICES section accessible from the menu on the left and if you would like to find our more information about me click here.